Technology, Maintenance, and Operations


Department Staff:

Robert Saffel
Senior Director, Technology, Maintenance & Operations
760-254-2916 ext. 1150
[email protected]
Rory Sena
Information Services Specialist
760-254-2916 ext. 1137
[email protected]
Richard Islas
Computer Systems Specialist
760-338-9802 ext. 1985
[email protected]
Anna McClaine
Tech Support Specialist
760-254-2916 ext. 1120
[email protected]
Elizabeth Sickler
Tech Support Specialist
760-254-2916 ext. 1986
[email protected]
Leslie Serafino
Tech Assessment Clerk
760-254-2916 ext. 1132
[email protected]
Stephanie Godwin
Department Secretary 
760-254-2916 ext. 1142

Matt Matteson
Operations Lead
[email protected]
Walter Mennecke
MOT Lead
760-254-2916 ext. 1141
[email protected]

Monica Lewallen
Lead Custodian 
[email protected]

Dallas Whitton

760-254-2916 ext. 1144
[email protected]


Tech Feeds

Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities

MOF Department

Welcome to the District's Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities (M.O.F.) Department. The department may be reached at 760-254-2916.

Robert Saffel is assisted in the office by Department Secretary - Stephanie Godwin, MOT Lead - Walter Mennecke, Custodial Lead - Monica Lewallen, and Maintenance/Mechanic - Dallas Whitton.

Please call Stephanie with maintenance, grounds, custodial or any facility requests or problems. Stephanie also processes the "Use of Facilities" requests, vehicle requests, utility service calls, pest control, vandalism reports, and will be able to direct any facility needs to appropriate persons.

Walter handles all "Work Order Requests" and emergency facility or safety issues. Please call Walter with any emergencies that you may have regarding your facility.

Monica coordinates and assists the custodial staff. Call Monica with special event set-up requests, custodial service concerns, or evening facility concerns.

The District Mechanic services all our district vehicles, as well as, does maintenance work throughout the district as needed.