SVUSD Intra-District Transfers

Intra-District Transfer

The law requires the school board of each district to establish a policy that allows parents/guardians to choose the schools their children will attend, regardless of where the parent/guardian lives in the district on a space available basis. The law limits choice within a school district as follows: 

  • Student who live in the attendance area of a school must be given priority to attend that school over students who do not live in the school’s attendance area.
  • In cases in which there are more requests to attend a school than there are openings, the selection process must be “random and unbiased”, which generally means students must be selected through a lottery process rather than on a first come, first-served basis. A district cannot use a student’s academic or athletic performance as a reason to accept or reject a transfer.
  • Each district must decide the number of openings at each school which can be filled by transfer students. Each district also has the authority to keep appropriate racial and ethnic balances among its schools, meaning that a district can deny a transfer request if it would upset this balance or would leave the district out of compliance with a court-ordered or voluntary desegregation program.
  • A district is not required to provide transportation assistance to a student that transfers to another school in the district under these provisions.

If a transfer is denied, a parent/guardian does not have an automatic right to appeal the decision. A district may, however, voluntarily decide to put in place a process for parents/guardians to appeal a decision.


Intra-District Transfers Forms

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